The 3D Commerce


Vshop is the first ultra-realistic 3D Commerce solution. An innovative service that allows users to transform their e-commerce into a 3D store navigable by web and VR. With Vshop you can choose a template space, upload products and be online in minutes. The service is offered via subscription with affordable pricing starting at 99 euros per month. Vshop is the essential tool for entering the next generation of e-commerce, offering user sanengaging experience.

Wide VR began R&D research for the development of Vshop in 2020, and by combining several cutting-edge technologies, it has developed a unique pipeline in the market that enables 3D shop navigation in ultra-realistic quality. Vshop has been available in Beta version since January 2024 and will be available in Spring 2024 in its first official release.

Since then our team grow exponentialy and we helped more than 50 worldwide clients with online presence.

The V-Shop project is co-financed by