Wide VR is in the business of developing 3D content for industry with the most innovative real-time 3D technologies, specifically we are the first to develop a multiplayer solution for 3D visualization of boilers in high quality using virtual reality; a gimmick we have found to be successful for maintenance, training, trade shows and B2B sales.

Which are the advantages of an interactive 3D application in ultra-realistic quality for industrial machinery?
- High quality visualization and complex interactivity (motion, technical data, on/off, orbit, zoom).
-No moving of real machinery with a drastic reduction in costs and logistical problems.
-Sale of machinery via interactive 3D from the web and at trade fairs.
-Multiplayer VR experience to show the public how the machinery works.

In the industrial sector, as in the case of Italtherm, training is the key to innovation and success. With the power of real-time 3D rendering, training comes to life with a new dimension of interactivity and engagement.

Imagine being able to conduct training sessions where employees can explore complex machinery, industrial environments, and production processes without risking safety or disrupting operations, from anywhere and at any time. Thanks to real-time 3D rendering, this vision becomes an accessible reality.

With detailed and realistic simulations, employees can gain hands-on experience in a controlled virtual environment. They can interact with machinery, troubleshoot, and refine their skills; training thus becomes safe, effective, and highly engaging.

Every enterprise has its unique training needs. With real-time 3D rendering, training programs can be customized and adapted to meet the specific requirements of each company. From production processes to plant maintenance, every aspect can be modeled and simulated to provide targeted and highly effective training. Additionally, real-time 3D rendering allows for continuous updates and improvements to materials to reflect the latest industry innovations and best practices.

Traditional training can be costly and draining, requiring physical resources and time away from daily operations. With real-time 3D rendering, the costs associated with training can be significantly reduced. There is no longer a need to invest in real machinery for training, nor to dedicate considerable resources to logistics and planning training sessions. Moreover, employees can be trained more efficiently, reducing the time needed to acquire skills and increasing overall productivity.

Harness the power of real-time 3D rendering to transform training in the industrial sector. Prepare your employees for success, safely, personalized, and efficiently. The future of training is three-dimensional, and the future is now.


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