Nike AM Verona

This VR project was created for the official presentation of the Air Max Verona shoe at the Nike store in Milan. For this specific occasion, an application was developed for the Oculus Quest 1 where, starting from some initial suggestions, the room of the young singer Madame was reconstructed. In the environment, structured to be experienced in-store, within a delimited area of ​​3x3m, the same size as the virtual space, the customer could see the Air Max Verona model in its various color variants in photorealistic quality, accompanied by Madame's songs in the background. Furthermore, by answering some simple questions, the most suitable shoe model for one's style was suggested.

The implementation of technology in a physical environment allowed the purchasing moment to evolve into an immersive and engaging adventure, capable of enriching the user experience like never before. A 3D Commerce space provides notable benefits, such as immersive experiences, 360-degree visualization of the product, and real-time customization.
With 3D E-commerce, not only is it possible to navigate through products, but also to explore virtual worlds full of possibilities by immersing oneself completely in the products, assessing their quality, size, and design with extraordinary clarity.

Furthermore, 3D E-commerce offers an unprecedented level of customization and interactivity. As in this case, where it is possible to customize products according to one's preferences, changing colors, sizes, and details in real-time. Additionally, thanks to the ability to interact with virtual products, it is possible to obtain a complete understanding of them before making a purchase, reducing the brand's risk of dissatisfaction and returns.

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